App Features

Without the need to understand programming, without the need to hire a programmer, you can already have the most complete POS application

Flexible POS View

Application Can be used for various Android Gadgets, the screen will automatically adjust. whether the Smartphone screen size is 4, 5, 6 inches or Tablets measuring 7 to 10 inches.

Attendance feature with Photo

Attendance feature with modern Photo and with Time Attendance Logging and with complete monthly Attendance report.

Staff Tracking Features

The Staff Tracking feature or location check is intended for companies that use field sales systems or others

Marketing Visit Features

With this feature, companies can monitor field marketing staff when visiting customers, equipped with photos of visits and automatic visit locations

Employee id card feature

Employee id card feature where the company does not need to design the id card, the design is automatic, just print it as needed.

Online shop

Every Auto user will have an online Store with a modern design. Every time there is an order from the online store, the order will automatically go to the POS and also to whatsapp.

Wholesale Price Features

With this feature, you can sell products at special prices, for example, a minimum purchase of 10 pcs at a lower price and a higher retail price if you buy a minimum order.

Role management system

With this Feature, Companies can set Employee Roles. You can set which menus can be opened and which menus cannot be used.

Expense & Income

Features Expenditure with categories, upload receipts. In addition, the Company can manage business income which is integrated with the CashFlow feature

Order feature via Scan Qr Code

With this feature, buyers can order directly from the table at the restaurant via a scan of the QRCode. The order will go to the cashier and can be processed directly.

Creating Product Packages

Package product settings. Users can create product packages and sell products in packages. Stock automatically changes when there is an order.

CashFlow Report Feature

Complete your POS with the Cash Flow/CashFlow feature which will be displayed with a graph/Chart to make it easier for the Company to see business developments.

Cash Features

You can add a Non-Cash Payment Feature using QRIS, Gojek, OVO, Dana and others. We will help you cooperate with the Payment gateway..

Manage accounts payable

With this feature Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable is automatically recorded properly and accurately, you can find out how much your customers and suppliers owe at any time..

Complete Transaction Report

Features Monthly Transaction Report in Chart/Chart view for all transactions such as Sales, Shopping, Expenditures, Income and Returns..

More Features...

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